4 Real Estate Opportunities Investors Need to Exploit

March 08, 2018

4 Real Estate Opportunities Investors Need to Exploit

As a property investor, you must follow trends to identify and exploit possible real estate opportunities. Here are some opportunities you need to know.

Did you know the single-family home sales grew by six percent in 2017? That's encouraging for real estate investors.


In fact, researchers predict that real estate growth will continue, but not in the same markets. It's important to watch the trends so you know where to invest.


For instance, the demand for homes is changing from luxury to entry-level and mid-market segments. As the economy evolves, so do the best bets for investment.


Let's look at four real estate opportunities worthy of your attention.


1. Mid-Market Single Family Homes


Research indicates the current growth cycle in single-family homes will continue.


The high-end luxury homes sector is well-served. But there's a shortage of mid-priced single-family homes. 70 percent of consumers can't afford expensive homes.


The real estate opportunities lie in mid-market homes, starter homes, and affordable rentals. Townhomes and row houses are one solution.


Practical, mid-priced homes are in demand in both the city and suburbs. Any investor who produces affordable homes in an appealing location will profit.


2. The Office Space Market Continues to Grow


The latest trend in offices is to create not just space, but an environment for success. Businesses want a mixed workspace that encourages employee productivity. This means design efficiency, green design, and smart offices.


North Carolina ranks in the top ten U.S. locations for future business development. The area has a diverse industry environment that attracts owners and investors.


In Charlotte, the office market is active. Office space vacancy rates are low, indicating it's a good area for investment.


3. The Silver Tsunami of Senior Housing


The Silver Tsunami isn't happening the way it was predicted. Instead of retiring to a fancy senior community, many Baby Boomers continue to work.


They stay employed to counteract a lack of financial planning, the recession, and debt. Instead of looking for high-end urban luxury, they want to downsize in a home where they can live in peace.


The latest generation of retirees demands more than their predecessors. They want lifestyle amenities and services. Real estate opportunities include apartments and homes made for aging in place.


The potential to grow your real estate portfolio in this market is huge. By 2030, 75 million Americans will be over 65 years old. Senior housing is a big investment opportunity.


4. Commercial Real Estate Opportunities


The commercial landscape is changing. Logistics is a big deal due to e-commerce delivery. The logistics sector did well in 2017, and the trend should continue.


E-commerce businesses ship to consumers with next-day and same-day delivery. They need industrial space inside the city to be closer to customers.


The space needed for a last-mile facility is different than the giant fulfillment centers outside the city. The focus is speedy delivery, not large inventory storage. They want room for trucks, parking, and employees.


Former warehouses and retail stores are good choices. Invest in urban commercial space that can serve as the last stage for moving goods from a hub to the consumer.


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