How to Use Zillow: Our Top 5 Tips and Tricks

January 08, 2018

How to Use Zillow: Our Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Zillow is chock full of helpful tools for property owners, managers, tenants, and buyers alike. Click here for our top 5 Zillow tips and tricks!

Looking for a new home?


Zillow is the website that allows you to complete some amazing searches for the perfect house for your family to live in.


Does it overwhelm you? We want to make the home buying process go as smooth as possible for you.


No worries, we've got you covered with our top 5 tips and tricks to master how to use Zillow.


1. Setting a Sale Price

One of the major perks when it comes to learning how to use Zillow involves prices.


You can easily set the price you want to sell your home for on their website. Everyone who is interested in buying homes near yours can see the price at once.


We suggest this first tip to use the power of Zillow to set a fair price for your home.


You can compare other prices of home that have recently sold to acquire a more accurate number.


2. Discover Property Taxes in Your New Home Zipcode

As soon as you sell your old home, you're going to be moving into a new one. That transition can be overwhelming to think about.


Learn more about the details of your new home by referring to its advertisement on Zillow. The listing information should tell you more about the property taxes that are attached to the specific home you are interested in buying.


When you are buying a home, you need to understand if you can afford all of the expenses that come with it. Property taxes vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.


Save yourself thousands of dollars by investigating the property taxes in each potential house location surrounding your possible move zipcode. If you find lower property taxes in one area, you ought to consider moving there instead.


3. Download the App

While on the go, you can easily check up on your home listing using the Zillow app.


It's also available to download for both Android and iPhone users for ample opportunities to buy, sell, and research new home listings.


The app is a great way to communicate with other people who are interested in buying your home, too. You can chat with each other and schedule times for their family to view your home in a matter of minutes.


This awesome feature will no doubt speed up the selling process and is yet one more tip on how to use Zillow.


4. How To Use Zillow To Find Property Flips

Are you currently earning a living as a property flipper?


You can use Zillow as a quick and easy way to find properties to flip. Zillow works to show you properties of all prices.


Identify properties to flip in under five minutes. You can use it as a tool to find deals.


Simply zoom into areas that interest you while on Zillow and get the facts before you even talk to a real estate agent.


People keep buying homes up and reselling them for a huge profit. You'll instantly know what household things need to be updated.


5. Zillow Offers You Advice

One final way we teach you how to use Zillow is to get advice.


There are so many people willing to tell you about their experiences online. Chat with potential home buyers to tell them why they should buy your home, too.


You can also receive valuable home advice. Anything from mortgage rates to homeowners insurance rates can be discussed on Zillow.


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