Why Charlotte's Real Estate Market is Growing in 2018

April 16, 2018

Why Charlotte NC Real Estate is Growing

Are you thinking about buying a home in Charlotte? Here's why Charlotte NC real estate is growing.

Imagine Babe Ruth stepping up to bat and smacking a home run over the bleachers.


That's how good it feels to scoop up a great investment at a competitive price before other people even catch on.


What better investment than buying property?


Real estate can generate ongoing income and can rise in value over time. As long as the property is well maintained, any real estate you own can be inherited for generations.


Both commercial and residential real estate is booming in Charlotte, NC. This is ideal for those looking to pounce on long-term investments. With a growing economy always comes inflation and rising property values.


Keep reading to see why Charlotte's real estate is rapidly growing and shows no sign of stopping:


Developments Are Buying up Suburban Charlotte NC Real Estate


When a large scale corporation buys property in town, they're not only bringing their product to the neighborhood. They're creating hundreds of jobs and boosting the local economy.


The world's largest commercial real estate company, CBRE, predicts Charlotte NC real estate will remain hot through 2018.


Exciting new developments sure to draw crowds are moving into the area:

  • Whole Foods, uptown's first full-sized grocery store, is set to open in 2018 at Novel Stonewall Station by Crescent Communities


And of course, a nationwide chain doing well in a new market lets all their competition know success in that market is possible. Huge, brand new property developments don't stay secret for long.


Word's Getting out and Demand Is Still Strong


Brian Leary is president of commercial and mixed-use development at Crescent Communities. He says retailers will follow uptown's growing population, which is now estimated at about 16,500.


Charlotte Center City, for example, already has plans for growth well into 2020.


We know demand is still high because houses are selling fast, in an average of 96 days. According to the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association, this is down from 104 days in November 2016.


Corporations and families from out of town are buying up Charlotte NC real estate before prices rise too high and open properties are gone.


Time to Act Fast


The Charlotte real estate market is still growing from last year and shows no sign of slowing down.

Now is the perfect time to make an investment in property steadily rising in value.


National businesses and local families who can't afford the climbing prices of downtown are buying up the suburbs. This means there are more jobs, houses are selling faster, and rentals are in high demand.


When other real estate markets are stale or oversaturated, it's time to branch out. Contact us today and let local professionals guide you through buying and selling in Charlotte.


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